Day 3

We didn't make it to the doctor today--they couldn't work us in, with it being the first day after a holiday weekend and such. But we have an appointment tomorrow morning, right after our postpartum home visit appointment with the nurse from the birth center. So Carolyn and I will get our check-ups back to back.

Carolyn ate all morning and slept all afternoon, more or less. From this morning's schedule, you'd think we starved her all night--I think she ate just about every hour, and sometimes sooner, through the morning. But this afternoon she settled back into a 2-hour or so routine, sleeping pretty much solidly in between. She's had little spurts of bright-eyed alertness scattered throughout, though, and has generally been cute and cuddly (of course). We sort of failed in the picture-taking arena today, but here are a couple from this evening.

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Sassi said...

I would like some of these pics :) You should e-mail me a couple :) I would really enjoy one of the three of you and any others you send my way :)