Giant Zucchini and Purple Peppers

Last week, I didn't make it to the Farmer's Market until 10 o'clock. Since they open at 7 and close at 11, the prime produce is mostly gone by 10. However, I still came home with plenty, including peaches and a watermelon. This week, I made the effort and got out of bed at 8. However, I then discovered I had to do a little prep work for lunch if we wanted to eat before 3, so I didn't make it to the Market until 9. They were MORE sold-out than last week at 10!

Although I am disappointed that I didn't make it in time to get any fruit, I did come home with potatoes, tomatoes, fresh garlic, green bell pepper, and, my two prize purchases, a giant zucchini and a dark purple bell pepper. I have seen large zucchini before, but this one might take the cake. (Or bread, as that is what it will be used for. . .) It is almost a foot long and 4-5 inches in diameter at the biggest part. As for the purple bell pepper, I've never seen such a thing. The proprietor assures me they are somewhat sweet; I must confess I'm more excited about the aesthetic value. Imagine the added appeal to stir-fry or baked vegetables with purple thrown in!

Do you think getting up early on Saturday to go buy fresh produce counts as "bringing food from afar"? (Excuse my British punctuation. . .it just makes so much more sense!)

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Naomi Joy said...

Good morning!

Ahhhhh.....I wish I'd have been there. I want to see your pepper; it sounds way too cool. I learned my lesson on zucchini yesterday making zucchini chocolate cake. My small one barely grated into the 2 cups I needed. Big is good. Can you take pictures?? I want to see both of those.

I think the farmer's market here runs 12-6; how strange is that? We decided to go next Saturday, as we have some other things to get done today and I still have quite a bit of produce left from last week.

Hooray for British punctuation and yes, if you drove for more than a minute and a half, I definitely think it counts as getting food from afar. :-)