Summer, Risk, Stir-fry, & Interplanetary War

This day felt like my first actual day of summer. I got up when Kevin did, worked on bills and groceries and bank balances in the morning, fixed lunch so Kevin could come home, read, fixed dinner. . .I fear I shall be a basket case when it comes time to return to school. At least I won't have much time to get used to this. Next week and the week after I have week-long workshops, then I'll begin packing. We're moving into a larger apartment with a patio and balcony area on the weekend of August 5. Then I'll unpack for a week. And by then, I'll only have a day or two before I have to be back at school. Frightening.

I lost a game of Risk to Kevin tonight. It was a lousy game. I'm a horrible dice-roller. Don't ever take me to play Craps. It's very depressing to lose every battle, regardless of one's position as attacker or defender. I even lost the battles I rolled for the neutral territories. Very sad.

I fixed stir-fry for dinner tonight. I really like rice. I've always like rice, but now that we've switched completely to long-grain rice, it's even better. Lately, I've been buying Thai rice. It's supposed to smell like jasmine, and it has a slightly softer texture and a slightly sweeter flavor. We're almost out. . .AGAIN. I think I may as well buy the giant, feed-a-family-of-twelve-size bag, because we go through it pretty fast. I wish I had another canister in my set. Why do they only make canister sets with four canisters? There are more things than just flour and sugar (and whatever else you happen to put in the other two) that should go in cansiters. For one, I have three different types of flour. What am I supposed to do with the other two??? (Actually, at the moment I have four. . .but one of them is not a staple.) Then there's rice, Bisquik, coffee, tea, brown sugar, corn meal. . .the list is endless. I need at least a six-canister set, bare minimum. Perhaps I should just get two of the four-canister sets, but that would take up a lot of space. Of course, if I just stack like sizes, it wouldn't take any more space than it takes now. I wonder if it would look cluttered with canisters standing up over the top of the counter. . . .

We went to see War of the Worlds a couple days ago. It was a bit graphic, but I was surprised with the Christian overtone of the final narration. I started reading the book this week. I don't think it came from there. . .H.G. Wells was an evolutionist and seems to be something of a pessimist about the future of mankind. It was probably a Spielberg addition. Interesting.

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Naomi Joy said...

I definitely think canisters stacked two high would look cluttered. The flour problem is an issue, though. Real cooks just need to use industrial-sized kitchens, apparently. Maybe you could try hanging shoots from your ceiling, where you can put the bowl underneath, type in your amount, and presto! out comes the flour. You could have about 8 of them and I think the aesthetic value would be overwhelming. Sort of like ceiling spaghetti. Cool.

Has 1984 ever been made into a movie? If it has, remind me not to watch it. What's with you, me, and George Orwell this summer?

I am actually somewhat comforted to know that you are not going to be a world dictator anytime soon. Your husband, on the other hand...

A patio and balcony? That is too neat.