Bodily Harm

I was almost injured today when two students frantically competing over an index card barreled in my direction. It's heartening to see them so excited over vocabulary. . .even if it does require some sort of competitive activity. We were playing a vocab review game in which 2 opposing team members compete for the correct vocabulary word index card as I read out the definition. It was quite spirited.
I just went to check my thermostat. It was set at 90 degrees. That's what happens when two classes with two displaced teachers are assigned to a random room. Only 3 more days of testing, and it's all over.
And here's my profound observation on life for the day: It's very sad to watch people ruin their lives without even trying. And yet, that is the very problem: they're not trying. Success--in any of myriad shapes it is perceived--takes effort. Apathy is perhaps the most malicious "anti-virtue" of our day.

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