Quotation Quiz

". . .yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods. . . ."
"Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability. Their chief use for delight is in privateness and retiring; for ornament, is in discourse; and for ability, is in the judgment and dispostion of business; for expert men can execute, and perhaps judge of particulars, one by one; but the he general counsels, and the plots and marshaling of affairs come best from those that are learned. To spend too much time in studies is sloth; to use them too much for ornament is affectation; to make judgment wholly by their rules is the humor of a scholar. They perfect nature, and are perfected by experiences; for natural abilities are like natural plants, that need pruning by study; and studies themselves do give forth directions too much as large, except they be bounded in experience. Crafty men condemn studies, simple men admire them, and wise men use them; for they teach not their own use; but that is a wisdom without them and above them won by observation. Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider."
Can you identify the source of these quotes? I had to research the second one.


Naomi Joy said...

Oh yeah whatever. Ha ha - you're so funny. :-P

Naomi Joy said...

Umm. . . answers please????