Congrats are in order!

I feel that I deserve congratulations for single-handedly wading through 20 months of bank statements and successfully reconciling bank records to checkbook records over the weekend. Nevermind that only I am responsible for the backlog or that the vast majority (say. . .all but 3, "all" being at least 25) of the mistakes were recording or (mostly) math errors on my part. (Dare not to recommend better practices in the future!) A simple congratulations will do. Thank you, in advance.


Courtney said...

Quicken - the best thing invented by man!

Naomi Joy said...

You must be desperate for affirmation since you posted this plea four times.

Courtney didn't say it, so I'm not sure I should either. ;-)

But good job.

@lici@ said...

Oh, stop it! The page wouldn't load, and I had to try it several times. . .obviously it caught up later.

Naomi Joy said...