Clean Socks

Shhh! This is a secret, sort of. . .
I was asked today to participate in a school drama activity, a spoof of the TV show Desperate Housewives. In said spoof, I was expected to play the part of one of these famously, scandalously promiscuous women, a part that included kissing another member of the faculty. . .who was, of course, to not play my "husband." Thrown into some slight state of mortification and a definite state of consternation at even being asked to do such a thing, I managed somehow to gracefully (I hope) and respectfully refuse. The whole thing will no doubt be completely forgotten, and I would not wish otherwise, so I will not make an issue of it other than on this oh-so-private record. Since, however, we are making an issue of it here. . .WHAT kind of world thinks it is ENTERTAINING to show high school students 2 random faculty members acting out an AFFAIR??? And WHY am I in it??? *AUGH!*
On further thought, I had to wonder if I do indeed fit the part. . .but no, desperate to be a housewife is very different from desperate housewife. And, on that note, a lovely quote from my new favorite book, the book that makes me laugh aloud, gasp in horror, and dream of times to come:
Some of us have goals different from men's; we are content to provide clean socks for our husbands and are even grateful for each day we can do so.

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Naomi Joy said...

LOL. I like you.