Tootsie Rolls and Teaching

The good thing about tootsie rolls is that their wrappers don’t make any noise. This is beneficial when discretely sneaking a piece of candy in the middle of a roomful of students taking a practice test. The bad thing about tootsie rolls is they are no substitute for real chocolate. It's a trade-off.
That's about all the news of note I have to report. I graded 2 classes' work in the course of the day, and now I only have 4 classes left for the weekend. Somehow, that is not very encouraging. I trust grading will go faster when I'm not interrupted by the demands of teaching. . .if I don't find some other way to interrupt myself, which is likely.
Tomorrow the Farmer's Market opens for the first time this season. Have I already shared that exciting bit of information? I'm very excited and hope they have lovely things for sale. I've been reserving my cash all week just for this event.
I'm prattling now, so I will go. Fare thee well.

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Naomi Joy said...

You should get genuine Hershey's bars. They're pretty quiet - and real chocolate.