Curtains and Carpet

Today, carpet was installed in Baby's room, and Kevin temporarily hung the curtains on spring rods to provide privacy and light control until all the trim is back and we can put up real curtain rods. Unfortunately, he hung the curtains while I was cooking dinner, and then it was too dark to get a good room-wide picture. . .there's still a minor glitch with the electrical work in that section, so no lights yet. Nevertheless, here is one picture of me holding up the lovely curtain, with the painted walls and a smidge of carpet. And there's another picture of the wall and a bigger smidge of carpet--it looks almost black, but it's actually a very dark green. It wasn't actually on our color list, but we got a great deal on a remnant piece. So we took it. (It's thick, expensive carpet.) And we think it looks nice.

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sassi said...

it all looks great. it is coming together nicely. you look too cute by the way. love you :)