Pictures After Dark!

One of the men from church spent a few hours yesterday afternoon rectifying the electrical issues and finishing the hook-up process, so we have power in the whole house now! Consequently, Kevin was able to install the ceiling fan and light fixture in Baby's room last night, and I was able to get my first view of our gorgeous hall sconce, lit.

Baby's room now has some furniture in it. Yes, I know there is no crib as of yet--we have the bassinet in our room for the first few months, so we opted to wait. But here are the dressers and the futon with its new cover, where the many visitors over the next few months will be sleeping.

And, of course, the hall light:

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Mom C said...

I love the colors and the furniture. It's absolutely perfect, just like you and Kevin. The sconce is breathtaking. I love it especially next to the blue. Dad and I can't wait to be there. I wish we were there now. Our prayers, and thoughts are with you every minute of every day. You both are doing such a wonderful job . Love you Mom and Dad C