More Baby

And, lest you think the men are the only ones making progress around here, some of our sewing prowess (which really means, some of Rebecca's sewing prowess with my limited aid).

Actually, this first picture is the really cute and bright fleece blanket Grandma made and sent. I took the picture a few days ago, but forgot to post it.

This is what the curtains for the baby's room look like--if you can't tell, the fabric stripes at the bottom are the frog print and solid green we used for other nursery items.

I don't think I've mentioned it yet, and I'll try to stay off a soapbox while doing so, but. . .the bassinet cover on our bassinet doesn't come off. At least, it doesn't come off without actually dismantling the bassinet with a screwdriver. How, then, pray tell, is one supposed to clean it? The idea of taking the whole bed apart every time the cover needs washing (think how often a baby spits up or overfills his diaper. . .) is not one I relished. Cue Aunt Rebecca and grand ideas. The tan color around the sides and the small cream-colored overlapping flaps around the top of the inside are her additions to the cover that was. Underneath the flaps is velcro, attaching the tan liner to the inside of the bassinet, covering the sides and the bottom, beneath the plaid-sheet-covered mattress pad. This way, we should only have to remove the liner to wash. Brilliant! If she doesn't get around to finding a job soon, I told her she could go into practical baby bedding design. :-)

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