It is Good--

to trust in the living God.

To assuage everyone's curiosity, here's the scoop:

We have our first "past due" appointment this evening, but are not expecting anything to be done. The midwifery practice we are using (and, incidentally, have been very pleased with) does not act as impatiently as some OBs; as long as everything looks good, they will wait up to 2 weeks past our "due date" before inserting themselves in the process. Due dates are relative, as most of you know, and we have no wish to impose an arbitrary standard on what God has designed to work according to His good will.

That being said, there is a bit of a deadline in that we cannot give birth at the birth center if we are over 2 weeks "late." The midwife would still be our provider, but we would have to go to the hospital because of the increased incidence of post-term complications. Nevertheless, we still have plenty of time before that date arrives, so there is no need to hurry.

We are very comfortable where we are. I am not in the least miserable, notwithstanding a couple of the common minor inconveniences that come with being this pregnant. We are not impatient. God has been exceedingly gracious to us; and, come what may, we are confident in His care. Life is good; God is good; Baby will come in His good time.

When Baby does come, assuming all things go smoothly and we are able to deliver at the birth center, we'll be back home within a few hours and able to let everyone know via e-mail and, of course, pictures here.

Thanks for caring,

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Sassi said...

I wouldn't expect it any other way :)