An Island of Progress

With somewhere between one and three weeks to go (assuming we're not "early" but could be "late"), we are making progress. At the end of this weekend, we should have the hall area and powder room painted, and perhaps even the baby's room. Then it's on to carpet, refinishing wood floors, and installing fixtures. Today, we acquired 2 dressers for Baby. They are both unfinished wood, so we can stain/paint them when we decide what we want. Sorry, no pictures of them yet. . .but here are some others of our work.

Aunt Rebecca found us an island for the kitchen (she also found the dressers). Also pictured, the 2nd baby sling, 2 wet bags (waterproof bags for holding dirty cloth diapers pristinely while we're out and about), a diaper stacker, a crib caddy, and 1 39-week-pregnant me.

Close-up of the nursery pieces

Baby's finished quilt top. . .now to put the layers together and quilt!


Naomi Joy said...

Very cute, all of it. Wow, you still have skinny legs.

sassi said...

it all look great! you too!

Anonymous said...

The quilt is absolutely beautiful!!!!!
The crib caddy and diaper stacker and sling turned out really cute!
I like the island!
I especially like the 39 week pregnant lady in the picture!